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Clinical Educator Programme

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About This Course

The vast majority of undergraduate courses for health professionals are usually designed so that as the degree progresses students spend increasing amounts of learning in clinical contexts (i.e. hospital wards, out-patient clinics, private practices, surgeries, the patient’s home etc.). It is not unusual for students in the senior years of their degree to spend 60%-100% of their learning time in clinical placements.

Predominantly but not exclusively the day to day support and assessment of those students falls upon the shoulders of clinicians such as yourself.

This interactive course is designed to offer advice and guidance to clinicians who give of their time and experience to work alongside health professional students.

Course Convenor

Joy Rudland

Welcome! My name is Joy Rudland and I am the person who is coordinating this programme. Feel free to email me at

My Biography

I am the Director EDSSU and coordinate the OMS education network. As OMS Education Adviser, I am responsible for coordinating and developing current school-wide staff development activities, and identifying and initiating future opportunities.

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